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How Can I Measure My Windows For Drapery?

Posted by Mark Iczkovitz on

Questions you want to ask Drapery King Toronto 1. You have your drapery / Curtains and you want to know if it fits your window? 2. You have Drapery / Curtains and you want to know which Curtain rod or tracks you would use for your drapery that will be strong enough and hold the weight? 3. Double curtain rods When do we use a double rod?  and when not? 4. What information do i need to bring Drapery King Toronto so we can choose the corect curtain rods?

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Covid 19 Pandemic Update

Posted by Drapery Toronto on

We hope everybody is well please practice all the recommendations by the health authorities.   At this time we have to make tough decisions it is been recommended that we don't take back any merchandise that's been in somebody's house till this  pandemic is over. We are here to walk you through your purchases and discuss everything with you before you purchase to make sure that you're purchasing the right product. For any questions please text 6472191714 we would be happy to help.

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