ABOUT Drapery King Toronto


The Drapery King offers an enormous selection of ready made panels in a variety of fabrics and lengths.

Founder Mark Iczko had a vision years ago to build a retail store with ready made panels in what most retailers would consider custom orders. Few dare to invest in and produce such an incredible assortment of ready made panels.

With fine linens, fabrics, silks embroideries and an incredible assortment of colors and finishes it is hard not to find what you are looking for.

Drapery is a luxurious accent to any room, making it warm and complete.  It is a fundamental basic for any home and will enhance your decor.  Drapes can be a subtle addition to any room or a grand gesture.

Our pricing is below that of our competitors, Drapery King is not only a retailer, Drapery King is a source and therefore our prices are usually the best.

Our customers come from cities and towns across Canada to see us and they all say it is worth the drive and in some cases worth the flight!

Mark's passion for fabrics is evident in the selection.  With over 3000 panels and fabrics in stock your choices are unlimited.  The Drapery King will custom make anything you need in terms of finished products.

Are you dreaming of something different?  A desire for something a little more that will be a statement for years to come?  Our designers and drapery experts can help you achieve that luxurious look and feel you would like in your home.

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