Solid Rods For 28mm

Solid Rods For 28mm ( 1 1/8" diameter rods)

Drapery King Toronto 

There are a few types of designer solid curtain rods that come in a 28mm, 1 1/8 inch diameter.

These rods are typically constructed of high-quality metals or alloy for durability. Depending on the style you're looking for, you may find many decorative options such as:

- Decorative finials

- Unique finishes (e.g. brushed nickel or gold finish)

- Solid 1 piece - Telescoping rods

- Multiple connection points for increased versatility

- Customizable accessories (end caps, brackets, etc.)


Add Glamor to your home with this in stock Build Your Own Rod.

Custom Curtain Rod Collection.

Available in Many Colors.

1. Choose Rod size and Color, 

2. Choose Style of brackets,

3. Choose Finials / Ends,

4. Choose Rings


We Can help you choose the perfect Curtain rod for your home. 

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Drapery King Sells all the Curtain Rod Parts Separately to help you customize your Curtain Rod To your Needs.

  • Rods Don't Qualify For Free
  • (Shipping The surcharges for rods are very high).