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How much does custom drapery cost?

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Custom drapery costs can vary widely, typically ranging from $500 to $2,500 per window. The price is influenced by factors such as the type of fabric chosen, the size and complexity of the design, additional features like blackout lining or decorative trims, as well as the expertise of the service provider. It's recommended to get quotes from multiple providers in your area for a more accurate estimate based on your specific preferences and needs.

Remember, providing a specific cost might be challenging without knowing the detailed requirements and preferences of the person asking the question. Encouraging them to consult with local drapery specialists for personalized quotes is a good idea.

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How to Choose Your Ready Made Drapery

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How to buy ready made drapery panels Ready made drapery panels can be purchased from Drapery King Toronto.   Start by deciding on a color and texture that matches your existing decor.   Then, measure the Width and Length of the window ceiling to floor before ordering to ensure the panel size is correct for your space.   Consider if you need lining, thermal backing, or blackout lining before making a purchase.   You Can Text your Questions Mark 647-219-1714 We are here to walk you through your purchases and discuss everything with you before you purchase to make sure...

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Drapery King Toronto On How to Properly Measure Your Windows For Drapery

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How To Measure Your Window

1. Take Clear Pictures

2. Measure right To Left Out Side Frame

3. Ceiling or crown molding to floor

4. Wall Color swatch of your wall

5. Let Drapery King Toronto Help You Choose the Perfect Drapery For Your Home

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