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How Can I Measure My Windows For Drapery?

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Questions you want to ask Drapery King Toronto 1. You have your drapery / Curtains and you want to know if it fits your window? 2. You have Drapery / Curtains and you want to know which Curtain rod or tracks you would use for your drapery that will be strong enough and hold the weight? 3. Double curtain rods When do we use a double rod?  and when not? 4. What information do i need to bring Drapery King Toronto so we can choose the corect curtain rods?

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Drapery King Toronto On How to Properly Measure Your Windows For Drapery

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How To Measure Your Window

1. Take Clear Pictures

2. Measure right To Left Out Side Frame

3. Ceiling or crown molding to floor

4. Wall Color swatch of your wall

5. Let Drapery King Toronto Help You Choose the Perfect Drapery For Your Home

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