KS Forest Recessed Curtain Track 118" Long, White

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The real Forest Brand

Recessed Track

Highly efficient hand drawn system for all types of medium weight curtains

• Heavy duty klickable carriers - UV protected - for smooth and easy traversing
• Offset shape for straight hanging pleats
• Can also be used for Easyfold (Wave, Ripple Fold, Pinch pleat, Inverted Pleat) heading

• Available colours: White 
118" = 58 + 58 + Joiner
No free shipping on curtain rods
includes: Track only 
we carry our store brand specs supplied is for ks track
Accessories sold separately 

 Custom Bending available you will need a template for quoting

For more info Call / Text Mark 647-219-1714 


Track complete recess hand draw curtain track set for a flush ceiling mount with choice of slide carriers for pleated draperies and wave fold hooks or slides with S hooks for grommet curtains.

Heavy duty aluminum track, powder coated white; 1/2" high, 7/8" wide. Designed to be recessed into a 5/8" wide channel of 1/2" sheetrock (drywall) for a flush ceiling mount. The bottom flanges allow for a clean sheetrock installation inserted with no compound needed. If 5/8" sheetrock is used, installer should be careful not to overtighten screws.

Track is rated at 3 lbs per foot; for example, a 10 ft. track will hold a maximum of 30 lbs.

The other end can be easily cut with a hack saw or leave a custom cut dimension and we will cut it for you.

The track has holes punched for easy installation and has a centered indentation along the length of the track for easy drilling, if needed. Trim head screws need to be used to prevent scoring of the channel.

Batons can be added and are available to purchase separately.

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