Film Industry Supplies, Toronto

We are often asked do you Make Drapery for film and TV?

Yes we do.

We LOVE working with the film Industry Set Buyers, Decorators and Designers.

 Any item - even our custom floor model draperies, Fabrics and curtain rods are available for film and TV.

At Drapery King Toronto we understand your time requirements / Deadlines and turnarounds, We have the ability to get your project done on schedule

At Drapery King We have hundreds of different ready Made Drapery Panels / Legs, Sheers, and Curtains ready for you to hang, No mater the theme we have the perfect Drapery for your decor.

We have a full collection of Drapery Hardware in stock For all your hanging needs including Pressure and tension rods.

Please Contact Mark Directly For appointment Call / Text 647-219-1714