Ks Tracks, 90 Degree Bend, 6 inch Radius

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KS Style TRACK, 90 Degree Bend, 6 inch Radius 5/8"

Corner 90 degree angle bend piece for K S track.

6" radius.

Bend extends 12" in each direction.

Splice into straight sections of track.

Reversible; can be used as outside or inside corner.

Highly efficient hand drawn system for all types of medium weight curtains

• Quick installation with “Smart Klick” brackets for wall and ceiling applications
• Bendable; it can be curved and reversed curved
• Heavy duty klickable carriers - UV protected - for smooth and easy traversing
• Offset shape for straight hanging pleats
• Can also be used for Easyfold (Wave, Ripple Fold) heading

• Available colours: White 
please call for details
includes: Ks Tracks, 90 Degree Bend, 6 inch Radius
Accessories sold separately 


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