1 3/8" (35mm) Diameter Solid Metal Pole 6 - 8 - 10 -12 Foot Rods

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The 28mm (1 1/8 inches) diameter curtain rod is designed as a solid, one-piece construction to provide a seamless and snag-free experience for your curtains. This feature ensures that there are no joints or seams along the length of the rod, eliminating the risk of curtains getting caught or snagged on any protruding parts.

The single-piece design not only enhances the rod's durability but also contributes to a smooth and continuous glide for your curtains. This eliminates potential disruptions in the curtain movement, allowing for a clean and polished appearance when opening or closing your window treatments.

With a solid, one-piece construction, the 28mm curtain rod offers both strength and stability, making it capable of supporting various curtain styles without compromising on functionality. The absence of joints not only enhances the rod's aesthetic appeal but also minimizes the chances of wear and tear over time, providing a long-lasting solution for your window dressing needs.

Choose the 28mm (1 1/8 inches) diameter curtain rod for a sleek, snag-free, and durable option that seamlessly complements your interior decor while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free curtain operation.

Product Number: 2650

1 3/8 (35mm) Diameter 

Available in 6FT, 8FT, and 10FT Lengths. 

Some Colors are available in 12 Foot solid 1 pc


please order 2 - 6 foot rods and a joiner for shipping

For More info please Text or Call 647-219-1714 Mark


Brushed colors have black to accent the brushed effect this is normal for this product.

Colors include (f11, f62, f61, and may occur in other colors as well)


NOTE 10 and 12 Foot Rods will not ship only available at ( It can ship as 2 - 6foot and a joiner)

Drapery King Toronto 127 Cartwright Ave 

For Pick up only Drapery King Toronto.