Umbra Aristotle 1-Inch Drapery Rod for Window, 88 to 120 Inch, Pewter

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Umbra Aristotle 1-Inch Drapery Rod, 88 to 120-Inch, Pewter

U shaped brackets at you see in the last picture 
  • Aristotle Drapery Rod Set by Umbra
  • Metal rod with molded finials
  • Extendable, designed to fit a range of window sizes
  • 1 Inch drapery rod, 88-120 Inch
  • Designed by Thea Yuzyk


Curtain Rods

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Umbra Info 


Add a modern, decorative aesthetic to a household staple – with Aristotle curtain rod by Umbra you get a highly functional, extra-long drapery rod suitable for a variety of windows. Introducing Aristotle Extra-Long Curtain Rod by Umbra.
Aristotle is an elegant rod featuring urn-shaped finials and a contemporary pewter finish. Carefully checked for quality assurance, this high-quality metal rod will support light to medium-weight curtains with a maximum weight of 22 lbs.
Designed by the Thea Yuzyk for Umbra,
Aristotle is a unique curtain rod solution that offers an intricate yet highly functional design for your home that is sure to impress. This 1-inch diameter rod has telescoping capabilities that allow it to fit a range of windows. Aristotle comes in three sizes: 36-88 inches (91.4-223.5 cm), 88-120 inches (223.5-304.8 cm) and 120-170 inches (304.8-431.8 cm). For an eye-catching extra-long curtain rod, order Aristotle today.
About Umbra: A global product design company providing original, modern, casual and functional design for the home.

What's Included?

  • 3 Mounting Brackets Included
  • 1 Curtain Rods Included
  • 2 Finials Included


  • Decorative Design: Aristotle adds a creative touch to window treatments for your home with urn-shaped finials attached to a pewter, metal rod
  • Designed By Thea Yuzyk For Umbra: Aristotle’s 1-inch diameter rod is a solution that is modern yet functional and is sure to enhance your living space
  • Durable, Sturdy Curtain Rods: Made of high-quality metal in a pewter finish, Aristotle supports light to medium-weight curtains with a max weight of 22 lbs.
  • Telescoping Rod: Aristotle is an extra-long telescoping rod that allows the rod to have a longer range to fit a variety of window sizes. The rod comes in  88-120 inches.

Product Details

  • Material: Metal
  • Metal Type: Stainless steel