C.S. Hotel Style Tracks Foot, 3/4" x 3/4" inch

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A heavy-duty hand-drawn rail system designed for medium and heavy draperies, particularly for Hotel applications. Here are the key features and specifications of the system:

  1. Rail System: The rail system is designed to handle heavy draperies and is of hotel track quality.
  2. Curved Option: Curved rails are available, but special orders are required. To ensure a proper fit, a template will be necessary.
  3. Carriers: The system includes heavy-duty clickable carriers. These carriers are typically arranged in groups of 10 on a breakaway strip, which means they can be easily detached for maintenance or replacement. The carriers are UV protected.
  4. Compatibility: The rail system is compatible with both heavy-duty carriers and ball bearing carriers, offering flexibility in drapery installation.
  5. Overlap Masters and Batons: The system is ideal for use with overlap masters and batons, which can be mounted either behind or in front of the draperies. This allows for smooth operation and control of the draperies.
  6. Drapery Systems: The rail system can be used for various drapery systems, including ripplefold, Wave, Inverted Pleat, Pinch Pleat and other Drapery that Work with Hooks, draperies.
  7. Maximum Fabric Weight: The rail system can support a maximum fabric weight of 15 kg per meter or approximately 11.25 lbs per foot. This ensures that it can handle medium to heavy draperies effectively. You can always put More Brackets to Increase the strength.
  8. Color Options: The rail system is available in white
  9. Track Finish: The track is coated with chromated powder and features a factory-applied patented dry lubricant. This ensures smooth and effortless operation of the draperies.
  10. Available Lengths: The rail system is available in the following lengths: 118" (12 feet)144", (16 feet) in bulk special order.
  11. These lengths accommodate various window sizes and configurations.
includes: Track only 
Accessories sold separately 
Long Tracks and Rods Are Not Available on free shipping
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