Black Dupioni Silk 54 inches wide Made in India, Item Number DL-974

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  • Item Number DL-974
  • Contents 100% Silk
  • Fabric Drapery
  • Width 54''
  • Description: Dupioni silk fabric has a lustrous sheen and characteristic small slubs that run horizontally across the fabric. It falls in soft folds when draped and is the most versatile fabric we carry. Not only do many brides choose dupioni silk fabric for themselves and their bridesmaids, it is also perfect for blouses, jackets, skirts, handbags and dresses. Be creative with beautiful home decor accents (draperies, swags, pillows and duvet covers).

    Country of Origin: Made in India


    Order a sample to confirm the color.

    • For More Info Text 647-219-1714 Mark